2015: Lyngheisenteret
“Kvinner i Sagatid” (Produksjon: NHFV og Leif-Arne Furevik)

2014: Lyngheisenteret
“Immateriell Arkeologi” (Produksjon: NHFV og Leif-Arne Furevik)

2010: Fagernes Art Society
“Angels in the Snow”

2010: Studio A14, Drammen
“Eroctic Women and Other Wild Things”

2009: Valdres Art Society
Christmas exhibition

2009: Fagernes Art Society

2003: At Morten Juvet’s, Holmestrand

2003: Gallery F12, Stavanger

2003: Gallery FOLD
“Maximalism – Symposium for 3 Souls”

2002: Gallery FOLD
“…and there were light”

2001: Larvik Art Society
The Kaupang Project. “The Ship is Loaded with”

2001: Gallery FOLD
“Fat paa fot” and “Eggeglass”

2000: Gallery FOLD
“In Box!”

1988: Royal Copenhagen

1984: Bing & Grondal
Amagertorv, 4. Unika Exhibition

1984: Bing & Grondal

1984: Bing & Grondal
Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup)

1984: Faenza, Italia
Concorso Internazionale della Ceramica dÀrte Contemporeana.

1983: Bing & Grondal
Amagertorv, 4. Unika Exhibition

1981: Galleri Atel“je, Kolding
Unika Exhibition

1981: Billund Art Society

1981: Koldinghus Castle
Final Show

Other projects

History and especially dissemination of knowledge about the Middle Ages Facinates me.

I have held courses and projects in sewing medieval costumes. The costumes had been bought by Midgard Historical Centre, Tønsberg Tourist Information and Theatre Ibsen, among others.

I have been in charge of the marketplace at Tønsberg Medieval Festival in 1999, 2000, 2002, 2005 and 2007.